How I Work

Meet the artist

I currently live on the Oregon coast, I spent my youth running around the mountains of NW Montana. My greatest pleasure comes from being out in nature and capturing images of it to bring to the world my vision of our natural world.

   Nature is so amazing and fantastic, I have been just a few meters from an Bald eagle as it dives into the river to catch a fish, I have been stocked by a mountain lion, charged by by a black bear, bitten by a wolf and witnessed some of the most amazing sunrise and sunsets you could ever imagine. My goal is to capture these moments I have been blessed to witness and bring them to you through my eyes. Experiencing a giant wave on the Pacific coast of Oregon as it crashes so close you get soaked by the spray. seeing a fresh layer of snow as the sun rises and turns it gold with the morning light or watching the Arora Borealis as it blows up the night sky. 

Call me today at (406) 212-1675 to find out more about my background and my skills. I look forward to working together with you!

A Wide Range Of Sizes

My quick and quality service means you can rest assured that your photos will be beautiful every time. With a range of finishes and sizes such as glossy papers, and metal and canvas prints, I'm your one-stop shop for gifts for friends and family or even a treat for yourself. Whether you're looking for a few quality prints or a large run, I'll accommodate any job, no matter how big or small. And with each and every print getting our full attention, you'll be thrilled with the results.

Technology & Technique

When out and about, I always use the best camera equipment. If you want a photo-quality finish, powerful photos, and beautiful images in all circumstances, then you’ve come to the best place. I’m passionate about finding out about the latest tech in the industry and the best digital techniques for retouching and finessing final images. Using cutting-edge technology, I make sure to enhance the most enchanting qualities in a certain landscape so that it will add beauty to any ambient.