Yaquina Head Lighthouse Key Hole

Yaquina Head Lighthouse Key Hole

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Yaquina Head lighthouse through the arch. The arch has since fallen due to a storm.

In summer 2022 we were selling our art at Newport Farmers Market when YouTuber Elias Negron stopped by and shared his excitement over a local spot at the beach north of Yaquina Head lighthouse. He highly recommended to go and take pictures, which I gladly did a few weeks later.

Although the day was sunny, it was very windy. When I found the arch he spoke about, I got increasingly worried about my camera gear. The wind blew so hard and carried a lot of sand that it felt like getting sand blasted. I wouldn’t want to stand there long and get my lenses ruined. So, I quickly took a couple of shots of the lighthouse through the arch and left with a feeling that I should come back to capture the scene in different conditions as well. Unfortunately, it never came to that because the arch collapsed during the King tide storms in winter the same year.

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